Hydro Excavation Tacoma


Are you looking for a hydro excavation service around the Tacoma, WA area? When searching for an experienced vacuum excavation company operating in the Tacoma area, call Greenfield Services Inc.

We are among the best-rated excavation service in the city and have helped many by providing a hydro excavation system that is engineered to work effectively in the most challenging of operating conditions.

Our customers continually experience increased productivity, enhanced safety, a reduction of project timelines and the costs of excavation projects because of our attention to detail, our well-maintained equipment, and our employees. This is why we are the hydro excavation service project managers and property owners turn to.

Clients use our excavation service for:

  • Remove of debris and clean areas without affecting existing infrastructure
  • Installing new pipelines for underground facilities
  • Replacing or repairing existing underground pipelines

Vacuum Excavation Tacoma


Vacuum excavation is digging by using a vacuum to break apart material with high-pressure water or air. This method of excavation is accepted as being safer than hand digging when digging around underground utilities.

Our highly-skilled team has decades of experience performing a variety of vacuum excavation jobs around the Tacoma area. With vacuum excavation, companies have an alternative to hand digging and a safer way to expose utilities. Give us a call today and learn even more about our vacuum excavation services.

Our vacuum excavation service is preferred for:

  • Accurate results
  • Lesser risk of damaged or broken pipes during the repair
  • Faster installation of underground pipelines
  • Reasonable price

You receive all this and the best in customer service.

Tacoma Hydro Excavation Companies


With the increasing demand for nondestructive excavation, the demand for a company that is able to provide the latest in hydro excavation technology has increased. This method of earth and debris removal is perhaps one of the safest, dust free, and efficient means of excavation. You need to know the company you choose for your hydro excavation jobs.

When searching for the right excavation company in the Tacoma area to trust, you need to consider a number of items before selecting the one to work with.

When selecting hydro excavation companies, make sure to check:

  • If their equipment is modern and well maintained
  • Are their personnel trained and experienced
  • What is their reputation in the industry

We have been synonymous with quality service and workmanship for a number of years. You can rely on us.

Looking for a hydro excavation company or vacuum excavation service around the Tacoma community? Call the experts at Greenfield Services Inc. at (253) 200-4220.